Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ugly shoes

CrocsI have never like those shoes called "Crocs."

I saw them. And I heard people mention "Crocs." But it was a while before I put the name with the shoe.

But, one day, it dawned on me: Crocs are those ugly-ass shoes that way too many people wear.

And, I knew you'd never catch me dead in those.

However, me feet hurt.

In the Army, I had feet that hurt for another reason: A planter wart.

I haven't experienced any issue with that problem for some time. Which is good.

But, my feet hurt.

Partly because they carry around too much weight -- yes, I need to put my fat ass on a diet. And my feet hurt partly because I'm getting older every day. And partly because I'm pretty rough on shoes.

This week, The Wife told me about a co-worker of hers who is wearing Crocs. And those Crocs don't look like Crocs. They look half-presentable.

So, we looked up Crocs on the Interwebs, and found out that they don't all look like those "I live on the beach listening to Jimmy Buffett all day" shoes that are really ugly.

Anyhow, she decided she wanted some. Found the style she was looking for, and Saturday, we went shopping for them.

Couldn't find them in the size and style she wanted. If we'd have kept looking, we'd have found them. But we didn't keep looking.

She decided that when I went to the baseball game today, I'd take the time to get her some shoes. So, I did.

In the meantime, my feet hurt.

And I'm not wearing work (dress) shoes. I'm wearing ... oh, I don't know what they're called, but they're casual shoes.

And they hurt my feet.

So, after the game, I headed to another store that sold Crocs, and bought me a pair.

Yes, those really ugly ones.

And, yes, they're comfortable.

You still won't catch me dead wearing them. Cause I'll be buried in dress shoes. But alive? Yes, you'll see me in them. Not at work. But at the ball game. Cause I got them in the blue: the colors of the Columbus Catfish.


  1. How do they feel when you sweat in them? :)

  2. Who cares what they look like, Basil, they weigh about an ounce a piece. I wear them every day and could not care less than they are as ugly as a mud fence.

    I wear them with slacks to meetings, too.

  3. Barb: I don't know yet. I got them AFTER the ball game today, so I all the foot sweat today was in the uncomfortable shoes. But I'll know soon enough, I expect.

    Uh, is there something I should know about?

    Two Dogs: If they continue to be comfortable, I'll look at getting a pair of their "venture leather" line for work.

  4. I bought Crocs in early 2006 before the missus and I went to China for the adoption of our son. Until I put them on my feet I shared your sentiments. Ugly.

    But once I put them on my feet... Oooohhh... Bliss.

    I've now retired my original pair of navy blue Crocs and replaced them with some that sport RealTree camo.

    Yep. Redneck Crocs.

  5. Wow, those venture leather crocs are even uglier than regular ones. They look like bowling shoes. Dang.


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