Saturday, May 10, 2008

Verizon Broadband on a MacBook

I mentioned earlier the issues I had with using my Verizon phone's broadband capabilities with my MacBook.

I never could get the VZAccess Manager to work. But I got the phone to work.

Okay, Alex with Verizon tech support got it to work. But I get all the benefits.

And, it occurred to me. Others might have the same problem, since the research shows that others have had the same issue. Research also showed that many never could get VZAccess Manager to work.

Well, here's how to get the phone to work as a broadband modem, which is the goal anyway.

First, you got to make sure your phone supports the feature. Your Verizon sales associate ... mine was Will, at the Verizon store in Peachtree Mall in Columbus ... told me mine did. And he was right.

Next, you either need the Mobile Office Kit, or you need Bluetooth connectivity. I have both, but prefer the cable, since it's faster than the Bluetooth connectivity.

Then, try to use the Verizon installation discs. It might work for you. And, if it does, great. But if not, you're in the same boat I was in.

Assuming that, you need to remove your VZAccess Manager installation.

Next, open System Preferences. That's your little Apple icon in the top left corner, then selecting System Preferences.

When that opens, select Network.

In the left-hand column, look for something that refers to a USB modem. In the main window on the right, create a new configuration. Call it anything, but something useful ... like VZW ... would be a good idea.

For Telephone Number, enter: #777

For Account Name, enter your phone number, followed by "" ... meaning that if your phone number is 404-555-1234, that you should enter:

For your password, enter: vzw

Ensure that "Show modem status in menu bar" is checked.

Click Apply, then click Advanced.

Select the Modem tab. In Vendor, look for "Verizon." If you don't find it, select "Other."

In Model, look for "1xEDVO" or something along that line. Failing that, select a Verizon entry. I had "Verizon Support (PC 5220)"

Ensure "Enable error correction and compression in modem" is checked.

For Dial Mode, select "Ignore dial tone when dialing"

Ensure Dialing is set to "Tone" and that Sound is set to "On"

Click OK. Click Apply (if it's not grayed out).

Close System Preferences, because you're done!

To test it, look for the modem icon on the menu bar. It looks like a phone receiver with dots and dashes coming out of it.

You should see an option to connect your phone. Mine says "Connect LG CDMA USB Modem"

If all this doesn't work, call Verizon Wireless tech support. Ask for Alex. I'm sure he'd appreciate the reference.

But, be aware that this did work for me.

How do I know?

I'm sitting in a fast food restaurant, eating a hamburger, connected to the Internet using my Verizon Wireless phone on my MacBook.

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