Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama wants to lead America away from America

I saw the quote on Drudge:

OBAMA: 'We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK'...

Now, while such a statement from the likes of Sen. Barack H. Obama -- or any other wild-eyed liberal -- wouldn't surprise me, I thought it best to read it for myself. Drudge will, on occasion, snip something here and put it with something there and, well, alter the meaning. Not saying he means to, but it does go with my philosophy of not depending on headlines, but instead, read the meat of the story.

I did.

And, sure enough, Sen. Obama said exactly that:

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said.

"That's not leadership. That's not going to happen," he added.

So, Barack H. Obama's idea of leadership is to do what other countries like?

This is the man that wants to lead the Free World?

What's amazing to me is that some people in this country actually fall for the nonsense he spouts.

There's no way anyone with a lick of sense would vote for this clown.

Oh, and if you find that you would vote for this clown ... well, you know what I think about you, don't you.

Unless, of course, you've just got caught up in all the hype. And, if that's the case, I'm disappointed in you. I expect better of you than that.

Anyway, back to what Obama said. About worrying what "other countries are going to say."

As long as we're doing what's right, it doesn't matter what other countries say.

It only matters what we do.


  1. Amazing arrogance. This elitist shows no restraint in limiting freedom and controlling lives. I am going to make it my personal mission to make sure everyone I know sees this video on Youtube and hears this quote.

    As the late Charlton Heston might say...You can take my SUV when you pry my big fat butt off the driver seat.

    The problem is NOT how much energy the U.S. uses. The problem IS that we don't produce enough energy!

  2. "Read the meat of the story"... Okay, how about expanding your snippet?

    What Obama actually said: "If we lead by example, then we can actually export and license technologies that have been invented here to help them with their growth pains. But keep in mind ... you're right: We can't tell them, "Don't grow." We can't drive our SUVs and, you know, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on, you know, 72 degrees at all times, whether we're living in the desert or we're living in the tundra, and then just expect every other country is going to say OK, you know, you guys go ahead keep on using 25 percent of the world's energy, even though you only account for 3 percent of the population, and we'll be fine. Don't worry about us. That's not leadership."

  3. So what's your point? That ass-clown is worried about what other countries think, not about what's best for this country. We are electing a President of the United States. And Barack H. Obama is not qualified. I hope enough people sober up and realize that before it's too late.


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