Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-31

Things on my mind recently...
  • Obama charges for meals No word if 18% gratuity was added #tcot #
  • Has the deficit reach the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit? Is that why Congress can't stop? #tcot #
  • If Monty Python did a Hitler skit, would they have received the negative press Roseanne got? #
  • Cash-for-Clunkers broke because it was a success? So if Obamacare is a success, it'll run out of money, too? #
  • Robber caught in gas station with honey bun, RC Cola: Everyone knows Moon Pies go with RC! Honey bun? Sheesh! #
  • I've done the roasted peanuts in the bottled Coke for years. Decades. But someone told me to try peanuts in Dr Pepper. Very similar. #
  • I still don't "get" Facebook. Which is why this Facebook status update is coming from the Twitter. #
  • If you're from the South, and somebody running for local or state office won't put peanuts in their Coke, run him off with a stick! #
  • Firehouse subs Hook And Latter Fully Involved. Life is good. #
  • I'm tired of the m*****f****** crocs on this m*****f****** plane! #
  • Full tank of gas. 32-oz Coke. Wife has her Sookie Stackhouse book. And it's 207 miles to southeast Georgia. Hit it! #
  • Stopped for a refill. Wife told me the store had cake. But she didn't tell me the had red velvet cake. *sigh* #
  • Taking their mattresses out for a ride. #
  • When I win the lottery, I'm going to open a basket-making factory in Helena, GA called Helena Handbasket #
  • When Michelle was a young girl, did Lursa and B'Etor pick on her? #
  • Friday night buffet in a small SE GA town: fried chicken, shrimp, mac & cheese, taco. And that's just my plate. #
  • Got checked in to hotel in Brunswick. S-L-O-W Internet connection. BlackBerry is better choice tonight, #
  • Wife wanted Diet Dr Pepper. Hotel vending machine had none, so I pushed Diet Pepsi. It gave me regular Pepsi. Life sucks. #
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