Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Boy's Toy and a Happy Wife

Got another new toy recently. An iPad. The big one.

Okay, they're all the same size and shape. But by "the big one" I mean the 64 GB version with 3G.

Wife didn't see the sense in it. And she's got a point. It's a toy. An expensive toy. But a toy.

As it turns out, I use it most of the time as a digital picture frame. I have a lot of photos from vacations, daughter's wedding, and so on. And I turn on the slideshow feature, and I end up with an expensive digital picture frame. At least, it became a desktop digital picture frame after paying for the Apple case that lets it stand up on the desk.

Anyhow, it arrived right before we went on vacation a couple of weeks ago. And, when we left out for the Tar Heel State, I handed the iPad over to so she should play some bubble breaker game. She loves those games. And is pretty good at them. Better than I am, at least.

Anyway, as soon as we hit I-185 North heading out of Columbus, I handed the iPad to her, and told her to look at the bubble games. She liked Bubble Burst okay, but fell in love with Tumbles. What she liked about it was that the bubbles would flow depending on how you hold the iPad.

I'd glance over at her and watch her hold the iPad up, shaking it, trying to get the bubbles to line up so she could pop them.

After a couple of minutes, she looked up ... and we were in Atlanta. That's nearly 100 miles. And it's a heckuva lot longer than a couple of minutes. But, to her, time stopped as she played her bubble game. And after we got out of Atlanta traffic, she went back to iPad World.

She still thinks the iPad is a way-too-expensive toy. And she tells me that all the time.

All the time when she's not playing Tumbles or Mahjong. Which she plays a lot, as it turns out.

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  1. A woman after my own heart. It's an expensive toy but enjoyable as well!


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