Monday, August 23, 2010

My new favorite game

I know I'm a little behind the curve, but I recently got one of those new touch devices. I got an iPad. Lots of people have had an iPhone or an iPod Touch, but this is my first device of this type. And I like it. And, I'm discovering all the different apps that are available.

Like Angry Birds.

Like I said, I'm way behind the curve on this, and I know it. But it's a fun game.

In fact, the only game I can think of that could be more fun is one based on Angry Birds.

Here's the premise: You and others like you are angry because a bunch of horrible creatures have taken your stuff. So, you and the others go to get your stuff back, removing the horrible creatures in the process.

Sounds a lot like Angry Birds, doesn't it?

Only this game, anyone can play. You don't need an iPhone, an iPod Touch, an iPad, a BlackBerry, a Droid, or anything like that.

All you need is a ballot. The game is available November 2.

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  1. The only app I have ever bought for my iphone was angry birds. There is just something about that game that is addictive. I sooo loved your 'new game'. I hope it works as well.


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