Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yes, the iPad is a chick magnet

Got an iPad about a month ago.

I got the 64GB 3G version. The 64GB because it's the largest they currently offer. And the 3G so that if I wasn't where there was WiFi, I could (perhaps) still get on the Internet. And, since I've already filled over half of it, that shows that I'd have already run into an issue with space had I got a smaller size. And, since I constantly run into places in Columbus that don't have WiFi, the 3G has proven worthwhile.

I've enjoyed being able to access the Internet from more places. And using the e-reader apps. And playing games. And using teh Twitters. And doing Google searches. And playing games. And watching videos. And finding restaurants. And playing games. And...

Anyway, I ran into something I didn't expect: the iPad is a chick magnet.


It is amazing the number of young women that go "Ooh!" and "Is that one of those iPads?" and "Oh, that is so cool!" and so on.

Lots of young women.

Lots and lots of young women.

And, make no mistake, it's the iPad. It's definitely not an excuse to for them to chat me up. I'm an old, overweight, gray-haired, married man. I'm not what young women are seeking. But the chicks sure dig the iPad.

So, gentlemen, if you're wanting the ultimate chick magnet, get yourself an iPad.

Perhaps you'll be in a position to take advantage of that fact. Because I'm not. Those young women that the iPad is attracting are younger than my children. And just a few years older than my grandchildren.


  1. It's true, Basil. There is a guy about our age where I work that got one of those.

    He's not looking for attention in any way. But, the young ladies are just drawn to that "gadget" of his.


  2. The iPod didn't attract that much attention. And, though I don't have one, from what I can tell, the iPhone didn't either.

    My point? Size matters.


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