Sunday, August 15, 2010

Google's Blogger platform finally adds spam detection

There are lots of good ... and great ... blogging platforms out there. I've tinkered with several. But, my favorites are (in alphabetical order) Blogger, TypePad/MovableType, and WordPress. I've used Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress (both flavors) for this little blog. They're all good.

WordPress has a free version (, with restrictions of advertising and JavaScript.

TypePad has a free version that's nothing more than a single-user Twitter feed. The paid (hosted) versions are actually very good.

Both WordPress and MovableType have versions you can host on your own Website. They are quite powerful.

Blogger offers many of the same features as the others, but is free. It doesn't have as many restrictions, but it's always fallen behind the pack in one area: spam prevention. And that's one very important area to me.

WordPress (all flavors) includes Akismet, one of the best spam protection processes. Not perfect, but very good.

TypePad/MovableType has much improved spam protection.

Now -- finally! -- Blogger has implemented spam protection.

Google's spam protection for Gmail works very well. Not perfect, but it's top-notch nonetheless. And, while I realize that email spam isn't the same thing as comment spam, I have been frustrated by Google's inability to implement comment spam filters on Blogger.

I'm glad it's finally available. Because the comment moderation process isn't really the best way to handle things. This will be a welcome addition to the list of features for Blogger. At least, it's one I've been awaiting for some time.

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