Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Technology can solve all kinds of technology problems

The other day, Paul Mitchell wondered about teh Facebook. Of course, he did this on teh Facebook.

Here's what he said:
I do not get on FAILbook's home page very often, but when I do, it is filled with useless crap that I never want to ever see. Does anyone know how to turn off COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, and FOREVER, the stuff I have "X'd" in red?
Milford Marwick had a low-tech suggestion:
But, really, a problem with technology should be solved by technology, right? So, I had the perfect suggestion:
True, my suggestion costs a little more -- a 64GB 3G iPad costs a little over $800 -- but it's money well-spent. Plus the Facebook app is free.

But, it does have its drawbacks. You can't print from an iPad.

Or you couldn't until now.
You can get a photocopier for under $200.

See, technology can solve anything!


  1. That's funny, Basil. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

    I think Paul doesn't really believe that I use my trusty Priority Mail cut-out box while Failbooking.

    Thanks for the couple of links the last couple of days.

    BTW: It's "Milford," not "Milton Marwick." I mean, if we're gonna use a fake name, lets' at least spell the fake name right. ;)

    Just sayin'...

  2. When you see Milford, you tell him I apologize for the typo.

    Of course, since I was writing about something Paul did, a typo seems appropriate.

  3. Nyuk! Yeah, Paul is not like old Milford and his buddy. I don't think he's found the Blogger "Preview" tab yet.


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