Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Last weekend, in Texas, the Aledo High Bearcats beat the dog snot out of the Western Hills Cougars. How bad? The 91-0 score knocked the Western Hills Website offline.

I hate it for the Cougars, but stuff happens. Sometimes you get your butt kicked. Even by teams that are playing second-stringers in the first quarter.

So, how do you deal with it? Well, if you're a cry-baby parent, you file a complaint accusing the winning team of bullying.

It's not bullying. It's football. Of course, I'm from Georgia. That's the same state where Georgia Tech is located. And Georgia Tech is the team that beat Cumberland 222-0 in a game one time.

Now, in that game, head coach John Heisman (yes, the guy they named the trophy after) was trying to run up the score. Earlier that year (1916), Cumberland used professional players in a baseball game against Tech (Heisman was also the baseball coach, as well as basketball coach), beating the North Avenue school 22-0. Heisman didn't like that, not one little bit. So, in October, he had the football team run up the score. They stopped at 222 points. Because the game ended.

That's football. It's not bullying.

Nobody wants to be on the high school team that got beat 91-0. But nobody wants to have their mommy run call the opposing coach a bully.

Maybe the Western Hills Cougars should file a complaint ... against whiny parents.


  1. i'm unclear whether it was mommy or daddy who filed the complaint, but the kid deserves better. it looks like good evidence to support a request for emancipated minor status, should he make one.

  2. I used to love it when my 180 lb., high schooler used to make 280 lb. players cry by hitting them hard. Today, he flies helicopters, defending a nation of overweight whiners.

  3. jw:

    If it's a daddy, he whines like a woman. So he'd be a mommy.

    Not a strong, conservative mommy like hang out around here, mind you.


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