Friday, October 11, 2013

No humans necessary

Toyota is building a car that will drive itself. Now, they're not the first ones to try this, but since they are a big player in the whole car building thing, it might actually be important.

They say it could be in production "in the mid-2010s." That's not far from now.

But... really? Do I want a car that drives itself? I've already got a lot of stuff that does stuff by itself.

Some years ago, I bought a TiVo. I was able to set it up to record shows that, a lot of times, I never watched. It also made suggestions. It would record shows based on other shows I watched, and they'd show up as "Suggestions." That means the TiVo watched TV for me. It didn't need me there to change the channel and watch a show.

I got a Gmail account and set up folders and categories. When I log on to Gmail, it's already moved my emails around for me. Plus, since it's through Google, a large billion-dollar company and the U.S. government have read my emails. So, I have an email account that reads my emails for me. I'm not even needed for that.

Now, they want to build a car that drives without me?

We're getting closer and closer to the day that robots want to kill a humans and rule the world.

On the upside, it couldn't be any worse than the Obamabots that are running things today.


  1. And under Obamacare, the IRS can access your bank accounts and withdraw funds without you. How convenient! Gee, thanks, Congress!

  2. Science! really should be concentrating on doing the important tasks for texting.

  3. having a Douglas Adams moment?

  4. Has the Chauffeur's Union been appraised of this car development?

  5. The less-fortunate in our society> lazy deadbeats had the government build them tens of millions of robots to work for them like 40+ years ago, this is nothing new.

  6. On these self-driving cars - I could write a note on the windshield in lipstick: ONE QUUARTERPOUNDER WITH CHEESE, SMALL FRIES, LARGE UNSWEET ICED TEA, and send it to McDonald's drive through? Would the car come back, or would it stay there and eat my food, pick up chicks, then stoplight race with against a camaro on the way home?

  7. #1 - Jimmy,

    Maybe that's the real reason congress doesn't want obamacare - It's not the sucky, 3rd world style medical care, the long waits, high costs or uncaring bureaucrats they fear, It's the annual IRS an@l probes that may be good enough for us, but not for them that they want to avoid.

  8. Humans are overrated anyway. Sucks to be you, meatbags!


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