Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maybe they paid by the word

The New York Times reports that the Obamacare Website contains 500-million lines of code.

That's a lot. That's like a million, but 500 times that.

Developer Alex Marchant decided to do a comparison of and other applications. And it ain't pretty.

[Alex Marchant blog]

It's bigger than Windows XP. It's bigger than Facebook. It's bigger than OS X Tiger (which had code to support both Intel and RISC chips).

I suppose it's part of the government logic to throw more at it. When their programs fail, they throw more money at it. When regulations fail, they throw more regulations at it. And, that same logic gets us a Website that's 6 times bigger than Facebook and is not nearly as secure. Or helpful.

Maybe if they improved the Obamacare site by adding Candy Crush.

Instead, of wallet crush.


  1. maybe most of it is like the introns in human DNA. Only about 2% of it us actually expressed.

  2. At least they aren't making us install it on our own machines to use it.

  3. Candy Crush would give you something to do while waiting for the government to wreck the medical industry.

  4. They've only got 30,000+ pages of Obamacare regulations.

    500,000,000 / 30,000 = 16,667 lines of code per page.

    And to think they had to read it all first! Maybe it addled their brains.

  5. Is that why it takes 35 floppy discs to install it?,34294/

  6. That's like...not even $1 a line! What's the problem?

    I bet they just forgot to empty the recycle bin, it's really only a few hundred lines.

  7. "The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan." -The Gipper

  8. They say a good programmer writes about 38 lines of solid code per day.

    How many fricken people do they have coding that pig?

  9. It is what you get when government healthcare equals a website dedicated to random access mammograms. T!ts up in the morgue.


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