Monday, January 27, 2014

Coca-Cola hacked!

You heard about the data breach at Target. Then, the one at Neiman-Marcus. But now, Coca-Cola has been hacked.

Think about that for a minute. You might have Coca-Cola in your refrigerator. Which means there's hackers in your house. Or your Westinghouse!

And, if you don't, there's still the chance you've ordered a Coke at a drive-thru. That means you ended up with a Quarter Pounder, Large Fries, and Russian Hacker in the bag.

Hit the break room at work? Put a dollar in the machine, and it dispenses a security threat in a 20-oz bottle.

There's no hiding any more. Hackers are in your wallet, on your Facebook and Google machine, and now in your soft drinks.

The only place they haven't hacked is your bathroom. When that happens, it's really going to hit the fan.


  1. Spamfan? Fanbot?

    Like his refrigerator that turned into a botnet spambot, Basil's weaponized bathroom fan will become a spying spamfan.

    I ain't no fan of no fanbot spamfan.

  2. One could argue that my large soda ends up in my toilet, and probably in a state not too dissimilar to its original one.

  3. Hummmm, looks like spies from Pepsi have done a number on Coke again! Meanwhile RC Cola is loving it when their two most powerful enemies go head to head. Remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


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