Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Third World iPhone

I saw a report in The Times of India's business section that iPhones sales in that country are slow, and Apple is looking to improve sales by bringing back the iPhone 4.

In case you forgot, or just didn't know to begin with, the current iPhone, the iPhone 5s, is the 7th generation of the iPhone. That makes the 4th generation iPhone 4 really old in the smartphone world.

But, in poorer locations, you're less likely to have people buying a $649 smartphone -- that's the price of an iPhone 5s without a carrier subsidy. In Third World countries like India, Apple doesn't sell a lot of their higher-priced phones. So what are they going to do? Well, I told you already: they're bringing back the iPhone 4. Pay attention.


There's an aspect of the story missing. Guess where else you can buy an iPhone 4? Walmart. Really.

The iPhone 4 is one of the phones you can get as part of their Straight Talk no-contract service.

Which means India just got downgraded to Walmart status. Is it any wonder other countries hate us?


  1. who was it that said (I think it may have been Frank) that the fact that poor people can't afford iPhones is one of their best features?

  2. Something about talking into a flat phone always makes me feel vaguely creeped out.

    I mean, your face, between your ear and your mouth, is curved. Shouldn't your phone be, too?

    When they make an iPhone that flips open, call me.

    On my rotary-dial home phone.

  3. @Harvey Samsung just showed a Galaxy phone with a curved surface for exactly the reason you say. Not sure how it drives, but probably less creepy to talk on.

    I still miss my Razr.

  4. Heck, just round up all those old brick celphones from the '80s and send them to the impoverished and sub-equatorial. Help out those technologically retrograde stragglers who have yet to cross that rusty, worn, Bridge To The Twenty First Century.

  5. I hope the people in India can live up to the famous Walmart dress code...

  6. Many countries would consider Walmart status as an upgrade.

    When I was growing up we didn't have to dial or press buttons to call someone. You simply picked up your phone, a Siri-like person would ask for the number and you told her. You could also ask her for information and she informed you with a Siri-like response but with better voice quality and accuracy. This was back in the sixties! It too was portable but its range was limited.

  7. @6 - I remember those days. That's back when Siri was called "Ernestine":


  8. @6 Doug,

    when i was groing up, you just opened the window and yelled.

    long distance was when you asked my brother to yell really loud for you.

  9. Y'all know that Siri is from Georgia, right? Up around Sandy Springs. Of course, she don't come with the iPhone 4. And only Indians and POWs (People of Walmart) get an iPhone 4 these days.

  10. @9 Siri also loves Zumba. http://www.nukingpolitics.com/2013/10/i-know-you-think-im-crazy.html#more

    And I'm pretty sure there's no Siri on the iPhone 4 because she feels the same way I do about Walmart.

    You'd pretty much have to pay me to go there.

    @7 Geez, Harvey, how old *are* you??? :)

  11. @10 I'd tell you, but when I was born, calendars hadn't been invented yet...

  12. @2 and @3 But how could you keep a curved phone in your back pocket?

    And you think flat phones are weird...

  13. @12 - Good question.

    Flip phone FTW!

  14. Is that a flip phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  15. @12 I don't know about you, but my butt is curved. I think it would fit better than a flat phone.

  16. So many Walmart snobs! StraightTalk is a great deal if you're on a fixed income like I am. I don't have a "smartphone" but I can do most everything I want with my Samsung. Unlimited webtime, texts, etc for $45 a month? My husband's old Verizon plan cost us a lot more than that. Sure, Walmart could be better but it's not all bad. Be nice.

  17. But did you get your hair cut at Jimmy's? I hear he gives out bacon to his favorite patrons.


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