Thursday, March 6, 2014


Then world has turned upside down. I'm having to take sides with Ellen Degeneres.

I remember when she was an up and coming comedian (comedienne?), and thought she was okay. She was no Jeff Dunham, but she was alright. But I never thought she was more than alright.

When she got her own TV show back in the '90s, I checked it out, but didn't stay with it. It was a sitcom called "These Friends of Mine" and her character worked at a book store. I think she later bought it and they re-titled the show "Ellen" but I had stopped watching it by then; it wasn't that good of a show.

And, that's the show where she came out. Apparently, viewers of the show were the last people on Earth to know she was a homosexual. I mean, it really was kinda obvious, right? So, why it was a big deal at the time, I still don't understand.

Anyway, she's now the poster boy (so to speak) for lesbians or gays or something. And, she's the 2010s version of Billy Crystal or Johnny Carson, in that she's the go-to guy (so to speak) for the Academy Awards.

From what I can tell, it seems the Academy Awards had a TV special recently where they gave out this year's Oscars. It wasn't on Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime, so I didn't see it. But, I read about it. And, I read that a bunch of people were getting their panties in a wad over some joke Ellen told.

Now, as I said, she's a comedian of moderate talent, and some jokes work, and some jokes don't. Here's the one that people didn't like the most.
“Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen,” she said — to Minnelli herself. “Good job, sir.”
Now, that's funny. There are a lot of Liza Minnelli impersonators out there. More than there are Judy Garland impersonators (go figure). Or Elvis. And, most of them are men.

But some people are getting all hot and bothered by it, calling Ellen transphobic (whatever the heck that is) and mean (what?). (Tip: Chicks on the Right)

For Pete's sake, it was a joke. Not a great joke, but a good one. But I am angry about it.

I'm having to defend Ellen Degeneres. That's how nuts the Politically Correct crowd is. In case you didn't already know.


  1. How many times does a gay have to be "Offended" before they can get their Panties-in-a-Bunch merit badge?

  2. What? Your telling me that Liza Minnelli is really a woman?

  3. I agree - solidly-constructed joke. And - full disclosure - I don't really like Ellen's comedy that much, since it tends to revolve more around "awkward" than "clever". Which are both legitimate comedic approaches, but I much prefer the latter.

  4. I liked Ellen's show too... but when she 'came out' it became unwatchably whiney. I also didn't understand the Liza PC claim... Liza is a woman... so... that has to do with gender confusion how?

  5. Basil: I had a similar odd experience this week, when I actually agreed with Hillary. She said Putin's claim of protecting the Russian population in the Ukraine was like Hitler's claim of protecting the German population in Czechoslovakia, and got so much criticism for comparing Putin to Hitler that she or her spokewoman had to address the criticism in typical politician style. But I didn't see anything wrong with the original statement.

  6. Yep - pretty good joke.

    Lou Reed actually used something similar on himself. In in his live recording of Walk on the Wild Side he says "I do the best Lou Reed impression ever. So I thought I'd get in on it."

    If you're thinking "Yes, but it doesn't have the transgendered angle that Ellen's joke had." then you are not very familiar with Lou Reed.

  7. @5 - Just a guess, but I bet actual Liza impersonators found that joke hilarious.

  8. I think there's a deeper complexity to this. What is the biggest problem plaguing the DNC and liberalism these days?

    Answer: The DNC and liberalism. They're drowning in their own stupidity and ineptitude. But they've only got one trick in their playbook, and that's to lash out blindly at someone - anyone - to deflect attention away from their own stupidity and ineptitude. But the well is running dry for them. "Blame Bush" is met with eye-rolls. The Tea Party continues to exist and be a thorn in their side despite attempts to destroy them. The big three (President Downgrade, Senility Reid, and the Pelosiraptor; or You Didn't Build That, What Difference Does It Make, and Captain Swiftboat the Climate Avenger - YMMV) are pretty much openly laughed at when they open their mouth to say something that is clearly untrue and/or idiotic. And their ideology continues to be exposed for the horrors it is like a shelled out skyscraper in downtown Detroit. You know what happens next right?

    They turn on each other.

    Get your popcorn. It only gets better from here.

  9. @AT
    "Get your popcorn. It only gets better butter from here."



    Also, I like my popcorn like I like my movies. With Kevin Bacon.


    When was Michele coronated?

  12. I think it was done by executive order.

  13. @4 - I thought the same thing too well before Clinton said it.

  14. This doesn't seem very fair, if black people can't be racist, how can a lesbian who looks like a man be "transphobic"?

  15. Ellen tries so hard, really she does, bless her heart. A Jeff Dunham? Don't know about that. Lena Dunham? Yeppers. Birds of a feather, y'know. Don't think Ellen has run around with her breasticles flopping to and fro.

    Who's that yummy looking butch twink in that photo?

  16. phobia
    a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

    Doesn't seem like the typical liberal even knows what it means and yet that doesn't stop them from inventing a new phobia every other day.

    How about freedomphobic? Now that one fits the definition perfectly.

  17. I'm the only Empress around here, and I LOVE popcorn.

    Everybody come to my house and we'll watch the show.

    I'll pop the popcorn. I like to toss M&Ms on top. I promise you'll like it. :)

  18. @16 Are you crazy!? You can't say stuff like that! Her Let's Move G-Men will come kick down your door and you'll be black bagged and thrown in a FEMA re-education camp where they force feed you quinoa and kale shakes. (You will be provided a Koran if you want it though.)

  19. Ellen has been doing a tame impersonation of Denis Leary for a while.

  20. Everything is acceptable as long as it is not about us. And US. “Seriously … She’s Kidding.” And since people don’t read enough to understand that, they also don’t know that “a joke is a very serious thing,” so why complaining?!?

    Speaking of who says something and in what context, Hillary, unless she is a comedian by accident, better give everyone some GEOGRAPHICAL perspective. And then Kerry and her can offer everybody some history brainTEAsers on topics such as genocide, slavery, human rights. And anything that has been deleted from the textbooks. Speaking of that, they should delete more as we don’t read anyway.

  21. @17 Bring 'em on.

    I'll Zumba and make cookies. They're just gonna have to deal with it. :P

  22. @15 Well done. The proper term would be mysotransic. Sodomites don't seem to be able to grasp proper Greek. Odd, since apparently a lot of proper Greeks were able to grasp sodomites.

  23. @19: Um . . .

    Can you rephrase one of those sentences in English?

    Ah, never mind. Moving on.

  24. @20 Rebel! Now you'll probably be audited too!

  25. @19 That's what Germany did: moved on. To France. ;-)

  26. Zing! Take that, 1940s Germans!!

  27. Is Hillarious a friend of Mimi? They just seem to have a similar anti-U.S. global perspective, and just seemed to appear at the same time.

    Is it European Spring Barack? Are U.S. taxpayers paying for these ?

    Hope they're girls, not guys. That would be pretty lame.

  28. Hi, I'm a girl, and I'm sure you've only mispronounced my "name" to protect my privacy. Not doing so in the US would be pretty lame.

  29. Yes, I mispronounced your name to protect your privacy. Your secret is safe with us. No one else who does not read this website will ever, e er know.

    It is something of great contentment we do here in the US.


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