Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Worlds art, No. 4

A little while back, I received some art from 4of7, a regular visitor and commenter on IMAO. He is an artist, and has his own blog, Little Worlds, where you can view some of his art.

Here’s another one of the pieces of art 4of7 shared, and that I’m please to now share with you.

Fun With Cubes #4 – 3 Point Maze. Copyright © 2013 Don Scholand. Used with permission.

I have more to share in future posts.


  1. So, if I travel to the four corners of the universe, will I find mystery?

  2. You start at the top, middle, where you see the number '1', then try to find your way to the '2' at the lower right corner, and to the '3' at the lower left corner.
    Imagine the forms are hollow and you have to walk through them.
    Extra points if you can find your way to the red, white & blue block at the center.
    Those 4 mini-designs in the corners are just a red herring. ;)


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