Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Worlds art, No. 1

A while back, I received some art from 4of7. If you weren't aware, in addition to being a regular visitor and commenter on IMAO, he is an artist, and has his own blog, Little Worlds, where you can view some of his art:
I call them "little worlds" because each one is unique and separate, constructed according to the internal rules I set for it, with just a touch of randomness allowed into the design, to bring it to life and make it just unpredictable enough to be interesting. I never know for sure how each design will turn out until the last line is drawn and the last block of color is applied.
I've been wanting to share some of the art I received, but, well, for a while, I didn't have a scanner. Yes, I could have run up to Walgreens and scanned it, but I planned on getting a printer with a scanner, so I waited. Well, it's now months later, but I'm no longer a slacker without a scanner. I'm a slacker with a scanner.

Here's one of the pieces of art 4of7 shared, and that I'm please to now share with you.

Fun With Cubes #1 - Braided Cubes. Copyright © 2013 Don Scholand. Used with permission.

I have more I'll share in a future post.


  1. That's really beautiful. Are those diamonds there in the corners?

  2. Looking at that gets your brain going better'n a cup of coffee...

  3. Yay! Bacon for Basil!
    #1 - Anonymiss, they're diamonds if you want them to be!

  4. I like the art. Then again, I love stuff that has a science slant to it. Thanks for sharing it!


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