Friday, March 21, 2014

Mystery solved!

Back in 2009, a man in Hampshire -- the old one in the UK, not the New one that lives next to Vermont -- found a Dalek head in a pond.

They don't really know how a villain from Doctor Who ended up losing its head in a pond, and this mystery has been simmering for five years. There were some episodes filmed in Hampshire in Season 22 of Doctor Who, but apparently not at the pond where the Dalek head was found. In a recent follow-up news story from earlier this month, there was still no confirmation of it being from that Doctor Who serial. Or any.

Well, after reading the follow-up, Harvey put me on the task of finding out where it came from. And, in the time since, I've been reviewing episodes involving Daleks, hoping to find evidence of the origin of the Dalek head. But, it remained a mystery.

And then, I looked at IMAO. And I found the answer. Frank had the answer the whole time: the Navy SEALs did it.

Think about it. What did they do with Osama? They shot him in the head and chucked him into the water.

Those Somali pirates? Shot them in the head and chucked them into the water.

It's what they do: shoot the bad guys in the head and chuck them into the water.

According to the documentary I've been watching, the Daleks have invaded Earth several times, and were defeated each time. We saw The Doctor defeating them. But really, could some guy wearing anything from frilly shirts to overlong scarves to celery stalks to funny hats hope to bring down the Daleks by himself? Or by himselves? No. But, with help from the Navy SEALs, the Daleks could be defeated. The Doctor would do some silly thing involving a clever turn of a phrase, while the Navy SEALs would shoot them in the head and chuck them in the water.

The Navy SEALs method is a little more effective. Just ask Osama. Or the fish that ate him.


  1. Is it amazing what Frank knows, or what?

  2. Nah, false flag -- the SEALs are taking the fall for this. The Daleks were plotting to take over the administration of Obamacare from their proteges at the IRS.

  3. E X T E R M I N A T E !!!!!

  4. Navy SEALs: The answer to all of life's problems.


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