Thursday, March 20, 2014

Start Walken and End Up Dancin'

This amused and entertained me. And so shall it you.

[The YouTube]

Told ya.


  1. If I start dancin' I'll end up sittin'. :-)

    Too fricken much winter.

  2. Walken does an epic dance for an entire Fatboy Slim music video. I remember the moves but not the music so maybe not an IMAO friendly link (Don't think that was the case though). Some of this one is from that I believe.

  3. Huh... was there a clip from every single one of his movies in there? Because it sure seemed like it.

  4. "was there a clip from every single one of his movies in there?"

    Yeah. With heavy emphasis on the Russian Roullette scene from The Deer Hunter. "Mau! Di di mau!!"

  5. Frankly, it needed more cowbell (it's criminal that that wasn't set to Blue Oyster Cult)

  6. I was talking about a music video called Weapon of Choice from a few years back, it's nothing but Walken dancing and directed by Spike Lee, I think.


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