Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Worlds art, No. 5

A little while back, I received some art from 4of7, regular visitor and commenter on IMAO. He is an artist, and has his own blog, Little Worlds, where you can view some of his art.

Here’s another one of the pieces of art 4of7 shared, and that I’m please to now share with you.

Fun With Cubes #5 – 3 Nature Favors the Hidden Flaw. Copyright © 2013 Don Scholand. Used with permission.

I have more to share in future posts.


  1. Thanks, Basil!
    The title of this piece springs from the fact that I noticed 3 tiny flaws in my design when I completed the inking stage, so those 3 'flawed' blocks are where I began the color application.
    The colors grew and flowed outward from those points, interacting and interlacing, the way ice crystals form around a speck of dust to form snowflakes, until the entire design was filled.
    If I'd applied the colors from some other point, like from the center - out, or from the outside edge - in, it would have looked quite different.
    Maybe it's metaphysical; or maybe I'm just a tad compulsive-neurotic. (shrugs shoulders) ;)

  2. very awesome work


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