Friday, March 14, 2014

Little Worlds art, No. 2

A while back, I received some art from 4of7, a regular visitor and commenter on IMAO. He is an artist, and has his own blog, Little Worlds, where you can view some of his art.

Here’s another one of the pieces of art 4of7 shared, and that I’m please to now share with you.

Fun With Cubes #2 – City Block. Copyright © 2013 Don Scholand. Used with permission.

I have more I’ll share in a future post.


  1. I am so jealous. I want that one.

  2. @1 - If you built a city, I'm guessing it would be about that pink :-D

  3. I searched for some expected, unresolvable oddities and found a few. Excellent!

  4. If I built it, it would be. Basil must like pink too? We know he has a girlie iphone...

  5. I got one from him from Christmas that's my absolute favorite of his so far, but I forgot to scan it yet and show it. I'll make sure to do it soon.

  6. Go easy on Basil, he didn't select the colors, I did!
    Besides, there's lots of other colors in there besides pink!
    and furthermore, Anonymiss, I'm working on yours, so be patient!


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