Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Robot musicians

Robots have been doing scary things.

There have been robot snakes, pee-drinking robots, pizza-deliverying robot killer whales, killer surgeon robots, ...

The list goes on and on. Because robots are taking over the world. Not like we humans have done anything good with it, but still. Robot overlords? Not sure I'm crazy about that idea.

But, maybe not all robots are bad. Maybe they can be here to amuse us. Like the robots that make music.

In Japan, there's a thing called Z-Machines that will be releasing a record in April called "Music For Robots." Actually, it's music by robots. Here's a sample:

[The YouTube]

So, robots aren't all bad.

Unless this is a plot to keep us entertained while they take over. If so, at least we'll be entertained while soulless beings with no regard for human decency make the decisions. Kind of like the Democrats in charge. But with entertainment.


  1. It's all fun and games until the self-awareness kicks in and someone gets hurt.

  2. fun and visually compelling. conceptually not much different than a player piano.

    of course one could say that two cans and piece of string are not conceptually different from a smart phone.

  3. Humans have already relegated themselves to dancing like robots, publishing fan magazines like "Wired," and thanking them with songs such as "Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto", so I guess all that is left is for Obama to just bow to one and offer them reparations.

  4. Dude! I have seriously been planning on designing and building a self-playing guitar. They beat me to it. Well mine will just have to be cooler. And will play something cool, like Erock or Dream Theater.

  5. Music by robots, for robots. Hmm.

    That sounds like they're limiting their services. Will this robot band play a gay human wedding? What about an robosexual wedding? What if Alec Baldwin wants to marry C3P0? I'm offended now. I'd better file a court action.

  6. Seriously, when that music got to sounding like "The City At Noon," I had to turn it off. That crap can kill.

  7. The Musician's Union will have something to say about this!


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