Monday, October 3, 2016

A social experiment

Over on The Facebook, one of my friends there, Rachelle Jones, had a great idea. I thought it was great, anyway. You could check it out, but you'd have to be a friend of hers on The Facebook to read her post. So I'll tell you what she wrote. I'm sure she won't mind.
Go to Donald Trump's page and see how many friends like it. Then, go to Hillary Clinton's page and see how many friends like it. Do the same for Gary Johnson.
Why I never thought of that, I have no idea. Anyway, I did it, adding Jill Stein to the mix. And here's how it came out. Some liked more than one, which complicated things. So I have two ways of showing the results:

Clinton 15%
Trump 55%
Johnson 50%
Stein 0%.


Clinton 5%
Trump 40%
Johnson 35%
Clinton & Trump 5%
Clinton & Johnson 5%
Trump & Johnson 10%

Now, I'm trying to imagine someone liking both Hillary and Trump ... unless they're a chronic liker. I'm not really surprised that Trump and Johnson had the most page likes of the people I know on The Facebook. The likes for Hillary, though? Yeah, I was kinda surprised when I found out who liked Hillary.

Of course, most of my friends on The Facebook didn't like any of them. They probably have the right idea.

Anyway, are you up for that? Or are you afraid you'll get a shock or two that you just don't feel like dealing with?

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