Thursday, October 13, 2016

Monkey Hillary Clinton

I got an odd search result the other day. Let me explain what I'm talking about for those that aren't familiar.

Google does the stats for this little blog. That includes page views (totals and per blog post page), audience (where, what browser, etc), and search results that led to the page. And that's what I noticed as a little odd.

Google said that the third most popular search result this week that people used to find this little blog was, and I quote, "monkey hillary clinton" -- no I am not making this up.

I don't think I've ever used the phrase "Monkey Hillary Clinton" ever in my life. Until now.

I'm not sure if it refers to this image of one of Hillary's Flying Monkeys:

Monkey Hillary Clinton

This one where we wonder who wore it better:

Monkey Hillary Clinton

Or this (which means we can do monkey pictures of politicians again):

Monkey Hillary Clinton

I'm not sure why anyonw would search for "monkey hillary clinton" or why such a search would turn up here.

But, if it's my destiny to be the one-stop shop for Monkey Hillary Clinton images and other items, so be it.

Of course, maybe they were searching for a monkey named Hillary Clinton. But why would someone name a monkey Hillary Clinton? I wouldn't. There is already a jackass with that name.


  1. Maybe they were doing a crossword; looking for a definition of "Famous Cheetah."

    1. or “Poo Flinger”

      I know people expect to see monkeys swinging from . . . ahh, never mind.

  2. My guess would be that they mistyped money, and that somwhere on the blog you did the same.

  3. Google is also now using its image recognition technology to "tag" pictures. So, my guess is that it recognized the monkey and hillary in the same photo. Just a thought...


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