Friday, October 21, 2016

When is it God's fault?

I read a thought-provoking post over at The Scratching Post just a bit ago. It brings up the question of God letting things happen. Specifically, the Holocaust.

Of course, atheists believe in not believing in God, so they take events like the Holocaust as proof that God doesn't exist. I choose to think of events like that as proof of how much men need God.

Anyway, K T Cat suggests that people should have seen it coming in regards to Hitler:
Hitler wrote Mein Kampf long before he came to power. Anyone who read it knew he was trouble from the get-go for Jews in particular and Europe in general. Never one for subtleties, while he doesn't lay out the blueprints for the gas chambers, it's hard to see how it all ends well for the Jews. When he finally did seize power in Germany, the sequence of events, including Kristallnacht, made it clear to everyone where this was headed.
People can't be bothered to learn from history. And it's not just those that are doomed to repeat it. They're going to drag the rest of us with them. Unless we act.


  1. I see God as a superpower which has created the universe and all the living creatures. He's expecting anyone Not to violate the rules of his creation ; violation will lead to disaster. For example, He has given any race and ethnicity a territory, but people ignore the territory issue and practice migration and colonialism, hence wars and constant unrest.
    America for instance - europeans migrated to this continent which was given by God to others - indians, aborigines, you name it. That's the first big sin; then took people from their natural and given environment, Africa, and brought them to America as slaves - the next big sin. The practice of missionarism, integration, and the like, is also a big sin ,as trying to convert people from other continents to be like you, means playing God, which is unforgivable.

    1. About your last point. Matthew 28:18-20 actually says to go and make disciples of all nations. The problem, which may be the aspect to which you're referring, is doing it at the point of a sword. That's wrong. But going into the world and living and preaching the teachings (the living is key) is not a sin, but a command.


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