Saturday, October 1, 2016

Voting your conscience

David over at Third World County had an interesting take on one person's use of scripture to pick a candidate. He called BS on one person's statement that Christ gave "very specific vetting lists for consideration when choosing candidates for leadership of a nation."
I'd like to have the scripture citations where Christ noted the qualifications for "candidates for leading a nation," please. TY. I do recall the scripture where he told some folks to "render unto Caesar [a pagan with questionable morals by biblical standards] that which is Caesar's," but cannot seem to put my finger on his "vetting lists" for candidates to be voted into civil office. . .

David has a point. I do know of some Old Testament references to choosing judges and other leaders, but I don't recall anything from Christ in the New Testament about it.

Why is that? Is it because people didn't elect Roman emperors? Is it because the Bible is more focused on helping you be a better person and not on electing someone to solve your problems for you? Or something else?

I think a little of both.

So, should you use the Bible and the teaching of Christ to choose a president? Sure. All Christians will. But, all Christians won't come to the same choice. Some will vote Trump, some Hillary, some Johnson, some Stein, some someone else, and some won't vote at all.

Some will attempt to say that God, Jesus, or the Bible told them to vote a certain way. They may even believe it when they say it.

Me? I think if we've learned or tried to learn the lessons the Bible has for us, and sincerely pray for wisdom in our votes, and then we go where we are truly led, we'll be okay.

Most, though, I suspect, will try to use it as a justification of their choices arrived at by selfish means.

The truth is, no candidate does -- or can -- live up to the standards set for us. None of the voters do, either.

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