Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Football weather

A hurricane
There's a storm coming.

Oh, I'm not talking about when things finally come to a head and the revolution comes and 3/4 of the politicians are lined up against a wall. Yeah, that's coming. But I'm actually just talking about the weather right now.

Some hurricane is bearing down on the southeastern United States. And, since that's where I live, I'm impacted. And maybe you are too.

But, what about this storm? Well, it's gonna hit somewhere in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, or something. But we've had storms before.

Matthew is a Category 4 storm as I write this. What it'll be when it hits the U.S. mainland I don't know. But, I'm not too worried.

You know what we call hurricanes around here?

Football weather.

[The YouTube]

I was at that game. I'm a season ticket holder for Georgia Southern, and, if they were playing in Statesboro Saturday, I'd be at the game if my nephew wasn't getting married. But he is, and GSU is playing Wednesday night in Arkansas anyway, so no football in the rain for me this weekend.

If you're out in the storm, stay safe. Take a canoe with you if you must. Have fun, but be smart. Or not totally stupid.

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  1. I'm so glad to see some long-time bloggers, from way back in the day, are still around and doing it!


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