Friday, October 14, 2016

Why wait till the election to start rigging things?

A lot of people seem to be getting their panties in a wad about the possibility -- check that -- the likelihood of vote fraud in the upcoming election. What these people seem to not realize is that it's already begun. At least, I think it has. And, I suspect you know it, too, whether or not you think much about it.

Isaac Schrodinger was one of the ones pointing out that the polls are all conflicting: poll has Clinton up by 10 while another has Trump up by 6.

Of course, they both can't be correct. It's likely that they're both wrong.
So, what's the truth?

The truth is, I think, that if enough polls showing Hillary in the lead make that the expectation, then one of two things will happen:
  1. Those opposing Hillary won't bother to vote, since they figure she's going to win anyway.
  2. If Hillary loses, they'll use the rigged polls (accepted as truth) as evidence that the Republican must have cheated.
What evidence do I have? Well, what evidence would satisfy you? Obviously you don't recall those same arguments in elections in the past. Not wide-spread, but they were there?

Didn't see or hear those? Maybe you weren't paying attention.

The polls are rigged. Many of them, any way. And that's important in perception, because people put a lot of faith in polls.

An honest, scientifically accurate poll will give a good indication of how things stand at a point in time.

Polls are a tool for research. The problem is they are used as tools of manipulation. By tools.

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