Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Both ways

This whole "Trump won't accept the results if he loses" nonsense is ... well, nonsense.

It's be almost funny if it just wasn't so ... well, okay, it is funny, despite everything.

On the left, including the media, they're getting their panties in a wad because Trump wouldn't agree to unconditionally accept the election results. This is the same left that backed Al Gore's refusal to accept the 2000 election results until the Supreme Court ended that hissy-fit.

The other group that's jumping on Trump is the #NeverTrump crowd, many of whom have a field day with Hillary's rigging of the Democrat nomination.

I understand the dislike of Donald Trump. I'm no fan. But the #NeverTrump crowd getting in bed with the pro-Hillary crowd ... well, let's just say I'm torn between disgust and disappointment. Some of those carrying the #NeverTrump banner are people I've thought a lot of over the years. I'm hoping they wise up.

Back to the election rigging thing, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler nailed it:
After the farcical “investigation” by Comey’s FBI of Hildebot Clintoon’s clearly treasonous and criminally negligent handling of classified material, not to mention every single other investigation of Congress’ ending up in nothing at all no matter how damning the evidence? After Project Veritas publishing, on a daily basis, irrefutable proof of ProgNazi operatives not only admitting to, but bragging of their massive vote fraud operations? After the IRS being used as the armed goons of the ProgNazis to suppress dissent up to the 2012 election (and the inevitable pointless show “investigations” not leading anywhere afterwards)? After the too numerous to count reports of precincts voting more than 100% Democrat in previous elections? We could go on for another 200 pages, but we trust you get the point.

Yet we’re supposed to just forget all about that and hand our lying, cheating, thieving oppressors a blank check to go forth and continue using us like a rented mule?
Like I said, I'm no fan of Trump. But I'm not going to call him out when he's right. And on this, he's right.

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