Tuesday, October 11, 2016

All better now

Everything's finally back to what passes for normal at la casa de Basil. The power was finally restored this afternoon, and Comcast service resumed tonight. The tree is out of the tree, thanks to a neighbor and some hired help. Missed work in the process, so there's that still to make up. But, that doesn't really matter.

A lot of people had it a lot worse. Some houses in the neighborhood has electrical boxes torn off the side. One other had a tree in a tree. Only, it was a full tree in a tree, not a partial tree like I had. And that one is still there. A neighbor's pine tree didn't fall on another neighbor's house because the pine tree got stuck in an oak tree. That could still turn out bad, so despite my silly rants, I actually had it pretty good.

The things I've experience most during and after Hurricane Matthew is a lack of misfortune. And I'm not complaining. Lacking severe misfortune is a good thing.

My sister wrecked my mother's car, complete with my mother inside it. Something about running into a tree that fell on the road in front of them while they were taking a two-lane back road at nearly midnight the night the hurricane hit. They're all okay. Well, apart from making decisions to be on a two-lane back road near midnight in a hurricane. But that's just them. The car's being repaired. They're counting their blessings.

Yes, we got through it all without injury or major damage to residences. Some inconvenience, but that's all.

We are truly blessed.

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