Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Animal's Tale

The dead geese lay crumpled on the ground. Nearby, dozens of injured geese were stunned by the attack. The pigs, chickens, goats, horses, turkeys, dogs, and other animals on the farm were shocked by the event.

The horse asked, "Who did this?"

"A duck," said the dog.

"Oh, you can't say that," said the donkey. "It happened in the geese pen. It was an animal that was in with the geese. Maybe it was just a goose that was upset with the way the farm has been run."

"But, it looked like a duck," said the turkey.

"Racist!" said the donkey.

The elephant stood nearby, nodding.

"I saw it walk over from the side of the pen and begin attacking the geese that were gathered in the center," said the goat. "It walked like a duck."

"Oh, no, don't say that!" said the donkey.

"Blaming ducks is wrong," said the monkey, sitting at his typewriter.

The elephant stood nearby, nodding.

The pig spoke up. "I heard it quack."

"Racist!" yelled the donkey.

"Racist!" yelled the monkey.

The elephant stood nearby, nodding.

In the pen, another duck just smiled.


  1. I'm not sure I get this. Are you saying that we're a bunch of dogs and turkeys for saying the the Ft Hood shooter was Muslim, or are you saying Muslims would be delicious when roasted with a Rouennaise sauce, and a bottle of wine? Either way, political correctness sucks.

  2. You got it. Last three words of your comment expressed it very well.


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