Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-11-08

  • Anybody else notice that Alabama beat LSU yesterday and both teams moved up a spot in the BCS? #
  • Number Four in the BCS are the ... Horned Frogs? Followed by the ... Binturongs? #
  • Lieberman calls Hasan a "terrorist" Can it be that the only politician with guts ... and a brain ... is Lieberman? #
  • China bans physical punishment for Internet addicts It's now safe for me to travel to China. #
  • Another vampire movie opens this month Just when you though it was safe to go back into the theatres... #
  • Reuters: Space trash is a problem Send Fred Sanford into space! He will collect all the junk ... and make us laugh. #
  • Pelosi's health bill passes 220-215 Lap Dogs outnumber Blue Dogs #
  • I like the fact that the BBC Website has a listing called Science & Environment Like they are two different things #
  • Monkeys are scared of robots Good news! We can use robots to fight the apes when they try to take over. #
  • China plans a robot Olympics Will scaring monkeys be an Olympic sport? #
  • Dodgers' owner divorce could get messy I just want to know who gets custody of Joe Torre? #
  • Obama talks about "teabag, anti-government people" #
  • Army: Shooting suspect is critical, but stable See? Government health care can work. #
  • Taxes and fees are always spent as they're supposed to be spent, right? Wrong. #
  • There's a virus that causes pedophilia One more reason to protect your Windows PC with Norton, AVG, or ... something. #
  • Jimmie Johnson crashes at Texas Motor Speedway Turning left is hard #

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