Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-11-28

  • Hello. My name is Adrian Monk. You killed my wife. Prepare to die. #
  • TiVo is about 30 minutes behind real-time, so I just saw the six-fingered man who killed Trudy. Inigo Montoya was my first thought. #
  • Turned the TV on to ESPN, looking for a football game, but it's just showing their Windows computer. All I see is the Blue Screen Of Death. #
  • Does this mean that Ahmadinejad and Chavez will star in the new Oliver Stone film, "Endless Love II"? #
  • Seems Tiger isn't such a bad driver after all. I mean, it IS hard to drive with a crazy b*tch chasing you with a club. #
  • Found Wings (1927) on the YouTube. Downloaded the pieces, and put it together as one iMovie. Time remaining: 12 hours! WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot? #
  • Watching Fla-FSU and some movie on the TiVo/TV split screen, surfin' the Twits, and editing a movie. Ain't technocracy great! #
  • So, assuming the rest of the games go as expected, does the OK State loss guarantee a Ga Tech vs Boise State game? #
  • Despite my accepting that Ga Tech will beat UGA tonight, the SEC is a better conference than the ACC. Even tho Tech will be 3-0 vs SEC #
  • Of course, Tech's 3 wins vs SEC will have come against the number 10, 11 & 12 teams in the conference. #
  • ESPN poll says 83% favor 16-team playoff In Idaho, it's 94%. Lowest? FL 79%, AL 71%, NE 74%, IA 78% #
  • It's just wrong that a 6-6 team can go to a bowl. Being rewarded for mediocrity is so ... wrong. #
  • SyFy did Tin Man (Wizard of Oz), now have Alice and Beyond Sherwood Forest upcoming. I bet that in 20 years, they re-do Gilligan's Island #
  • Transsexual L.A. Times sportswriter found dead Was tired of writing about balls #

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