Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-11-21

  • Waitress asked Wife if she wanted more coffee, and she said "no." This never happens. My wife has been replaced by a pod person! #
  • Bought the cat a bed for when she's inside on freezing nights. Should have bought her a cardboard tray like the Pringles multipak comes in. #
  • The line to get out the Sam's Club is bigger than the line to get in. Probably the church donut salesmen outside. #
  • Wife and a friend debate Team Edward vs Team Jacob. I say Team Buffy. #
  • Edward or Jacob? Folks my age know Barnabas Collins could kick both their a**es. #
  • Sears' toy section seem so fantastic when I was little. I'm not little any more. And toyland seems so sparse. #
  • As soon as we got in the checkout line at Sears, she sent me straight to Customer Service. I must look like trouble. #

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