Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-11-26

  • AT&T man was in the yard when I got home. Maybe, just maybe, Internet is fixed. And will stay fixed for more than 4 days this time. #
  • Here We Come A-Waffling #ObamaCarols #
  • Barry Did You Bow? #ObamaCarols #
  • O Rahm, O Rahm Emanuel #ObamaCarols #
  • Taxes We Shall Raise So High #ObamaCarols #
  • I Saw Barry Taxing Santa Claus #ObamaCarols #
  • This whole Tweeter thing is hard. For stupid people. Like me. #
  • I'll Be Home for Christmas (But You'll Still Be In Iraq Because I Didn't Mean What I Said In The Campaign) #ObamaCarols #
  • What Child Is This? And Where Is His Birth Certificate? #ObamaCarols #
  • I Wonder as I Wander, Looking For A Job In This Economy #obamacarols #
  • The First Nobel Prize #obamacarols #
  • O Holy Crap (The Poll Numbers Are Falling) #obamacarols #
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Because You Can't Afford A Big One #ObamaCarols #
  • Wife, walking through the living room, heard "Team Edward" said on the TV. She reacted like a cat when you shake the Little Friskies box. #
  • Helen Thomas is thankful for a black president If she finds out about Ann Dunham, will she be only half as thankful? #
  • I don't know why they're so upset about "Kick A Jew" Day at that school in Florida The White House has it every day. #
  • South Korean men can now lie to have sex See? America still leads the way! #
  • I remember when I used to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Not sure what happened. Probably got sick of the announcers. #
  • Obama: Too many fear end of American dream Counters with the American Nightmare #
  • Couple crashes White House dinner, David Cross does coke near POTUS. I hope they take the nation's security more serious than Obama's #
  • Cable still out. Maybe we should call it and report it? #
  • Local cable company offers phone service. That way, when cable goes out, you can't call and complain. Genius! #
  • Called cable company. Answering service says they've received a report already. Will call tech. Must be a two complaint minimum. #
  • Those who thought Obama would be a tax-and-spend liberal were wrong. He's a spend-and-tax liberal #
  • Rihanna embarrassed by nude pics, defends sending them to then-boyfriend Why I'm glad I don't know who Rihanna is #
  • An actual result from googling "Obamas Christmas" #
  • So, when does the name change from Christmas to Obamamas? #
  • Have a very merry Obamamas everyone! #
  • Have a holly, jolly Obamamas #
  • You know, some folks will actually like these actual "Obamamas" cards I call those people s***heads #
  • Good news! My blog is now the top Google result for "south indian breastpornpictures" It's like Christmas came early #
  • I like Jeff Dunham's character Walter. Except that he looks like Joe Biden. #

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