Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Desert, a parable

You're in the desert.

It's hot, the sun's glare on the sand is blinding. When the wind whips up, the sand stings.

You're in the desert.

You weren't always in the desert. And you want to find your way out. But for the moment, you've accepted that you're in the desert.

You were thirsty earlier. You still are, but now, you're also hungry.

Up ahead, you see a figure in the distance. You blink, wipe the sand from your eyes to make sure you are seeing something, and not experiencing a mirage.

It's real.

You pick up the pace and head towards the figure.

Now, you see that it's not one figure, but two.

You're nearer now, clearly making out the two figures. Each is sitting at a table, with an assortment of items in front.

As you approach, each person smiles and rises, beckoning you closer.

You walk up, and with a parched voice, say the only two words you can manage to utter: "Water. Food."

The person on the right nods, and offers you two items from his table: dry white toast, and a cup of water.

The person on the left offers you a rock.

You look back at the dry white toast and cup of water, then at the rock.

You make your decision, drinking half the cup of water immediately, then devouring the toast, washing it down with the rest of the water.

"I've got more of the same," the person on the right says.

"I got rocks," the person on the left says.

You continue your trek through the desert, accompanied now by the person on the right with more dry white toast and water, and the person on the left with rocks.

As your thirst and hunger return, you accept the dry white toast and drink the water, ignoring the rocks.

But you keep looking. Somewhere, you know you'll find someone with better food ... and a map out of the desert.

And that is why I will vote for a Republican that I really don't want. That Republican is still a huckuva lot better than the Democrat, but not what I'm looking for. And, yes, I will keep looking.

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