Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh, look! Another idiot has a computer. Isn't that cute!

Every so often, you run across total nutcases on them Internets. Then, every so often, a nutcase runs across you.

Friday night, a little before 9 o'clock, a new comment appeared in the moderation queue. I was at a football game, so I gave it a quick look when the notification arrived. It was a long rambling thing that appeared to be from someone who was mixing his medications again. I decided it could wait until I got back from the game.

When I got back, a little after midnight (it was an away game), I looked in detail at the comment. And I discovered that my first impression was probably correct.

Probably. But not definitely. Because he might not have been mixing his meds. He may have never been properly diagnosed and never was taking the meds he so desperately needs.

Here is the post he left a comment on. The comment isn't there, but that's the post he wanted to leave me a message about. Go ahead and click it if you like. It's the one I wrote about a new spam feature that Google added to their Blogger platform. Let me sum up: Google added spam filters to Blogger, and it's about time. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Only, this clown seems to think that I'm running Google. Or their Blogger division. Or maybe the Spam Filter division. Or something. Who knows what he thinks.

Here's what he wrote:
You know, this is a lie. The spam filter is a farce. I'm usually a nice guy and easy to get along with, but this is a joke, an absolute joke.

Here's a link to what you claim isn't supposed to be happening:

Only Blogger can access this because it's my spam box. In in there are basically 365 spam comments from the same nutcase since Augusts 26th.

Some of them threaten my life.

It is NOT that much trouble to allow me to block IP addresses. I am an adult. I demand the capability to do this with idiots like this just as newspaper editors have the right not to publish a letter to the editor.

I am so very pissed about this. I received over 50 of these comments today alone!

I will hound you about this. I am nobody to you but I will run a campaign about this if you do not do something about this immediately.

Apply the golden rule,. What would YOU do if this were you?

I am so thoropughly frustrated about this.

Get with it.
Here's his Google/Blogger user profile page.

He's been blogging since July 2005 (that's almost as long as I have). And he still thinks it's a good idea to call someone a liar in the first sentence.

Then, he says the spam filter isn't working ... then tries to prove it by pointing to 365 items in his spam filter! Seems it worked 365 times, based on the information he provided.

Then, he says he's going to hound me unless I do something about the situation. Like I'm in charge of the spam filter, which, by the way, sucks because it works or something.

Anyway, you read what he wrote. And you have a link to his profile page. Which contains his email address, if you want to write him and offer encouragement or something.

Me? I'm going to grant his request. I will do something about the situation. I just posted his comment (which is in the spam queue) so everyone could see it. And see what an idiot he is. That ought to make him happy.

One final thought: based on what he wrote in the comment and the information on his profile page, I'm guessing that he voted for Obama. Because that's what idiots do. That and leave idiotic comments that the spam filters catch.


  1. Basil, that is hilarious! Seriously. That'd be like me getting a comment asking when I was gonna fire Les Miles, or Wade Phillips.

    Man...dude definitely has a burr under his saddle about a lot of things. His profile, and blog speak volumes about his sanity.

    They walk among us...

  2. The moron is google-bombing. I grant you it is possible he's so very stupid he doesn't realize he's posting on a private blog, and that you're not a Blogger developer, but more likely a google-bomb.

  3. We old folks can remember back to the good ol' pre-AOL days when you had to know a unix command line to do much of anything on the internet. The complexity alone did a pretty fair job of weeding out idiots.

    I think this guy would have gotten scared as soon as his modem started making those "funny noises."

  4. Error in assumption here (by MoM): there are no meds that will help this twit.

    But you made great laugh hay widdit, Basil.

    WV: failis

  5. Hehe....boy, this guy has no idea who he's dealing with. Muahahahaha....


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