Friday, September 17, 2010

Now Democrats are saying don't elect someone who supports Democrats

In Alabama's State Senate district 27, there's an interesting battle going on.

The Democrat Party nominee is 8-term incumbent, Ted Little.

The Republican Party nominee is Tom Whatley.

What makes this so interesting is that the Democrat is criticizing the Republican by saying he's really a Democrat.

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It's not that Ted Little's ad is making any false claims. As far as I can tell, the ad is true.

But it's funny to see a Democrat criticizing an opponent ... by calling him a Democrat.

Little, the Democrat, is saying don't vote for the Republican because the Republican supports Democrats and you don't want someone who supports Democrats winning this election!

This is certainly an interesting political year.

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  1. Nyuk! Basil, this is most certainly the strangest election season I have ever witnessed.

    I mean, that's kinda like a Pentecostal preacher downing the other Pentecostal preacher in town because his congregation talks in tongues too much. Weird...really weird.


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