Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maybe they really meant it...

I saw a vehicle with two bumper stickers today that seemed to be in conflict.

Then again, maybe they weren't.

I got a photo, but it's hard to see one of the bumper stickers. You see, it's really hard to take a photo on your BlackBerry while you're driving over a bridge in traffic.

The little bumper sticker -- the one that's actually on the bumper -- said "Work Harder. Millions On Welfare Depend On You!"

Then there are those two stickers that are higher on the back of the vehicle, just inside the tail lights. They are supporting Ron Sparks, the Democrat nominee for Governor of Alabama.

So, they're supporting a Democrat. Then wanting you to work harder for the people on welfare.

Normally, that welfare bumper sticker would be an ironic statement, since it usually is intended as a slap at people who are supported by others.

But, since they're supporting the Democrat, I'm thinking they really meant it.


  1. That's interesting, Basil. I've seen stuff like that before.

    I remember once hearing the President of the local Lion's Club exhort all of the Lions to please scrape off their "Lion's Club" membership stickers when they sold, or traded in their car, so as not to let the public think that the riff-raff driving the car were "Lions."

    Maybe it's a simple case of a conservative that unloaded his vehicle on a moron dimocrap, and didn't peel the sticker off.

    Or, maybe you're right. Maybe the moron dimocrap really does mean it. I guess we'll never know. But, you can see the license plate...maybe we can trace it, call the guy, and find out.

    I guess since you brought it up, that should be your assignment for the week.

    Oh crud...wait a minute, I went back and looked at the picture again. It looks like a vanity plate belonging to an Auburn grad. There's your trouble...this is a mystery that shall never be solved. Ever.

  2. War Damn Eagle.

    Too Damn Clueless.


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