Friday, February 7, 2014

Maybe my daughter will crochet something for me, hint hint

A while back, my daughter decided to crochet. That was around the time she was pregnant. So, close to two years ago, or thereabouts. She's done a little bit with it, but has found out that raising a child can be pretty time-consuming. I mean, who knew?


Now that my youngest grandson is getting into everything, learning to talk, hiding the TV remote, and all the other things year-and-a-half old boys get into, she needs something to help her relax. Add to that, a husband attending business school, she has her hands full. Oh, and starting her own business. Yeah, that takes time, too. But, maybe, just maybe, she'll be able to find something to help her relax. Something productive.

I don't know if she'll have time. And, it's okay if she doesn't. But, if she does decide to pick up the hooks and create a crochet masterpiece, I want one of these (Harvey led me to them):

[Source: Harvey > TechnaBob > Neatorama > DeviantART]

Yes, that's a cross between the Doctor Who villains, the Daleks, and My Little Pony.

With everything my daughter has going on, she won't get to this any time soon. Or, maybe, ever. But perhaps you've been wanting a project.

You're welcome.

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