Monday, February 24, 2014

Piers Morgan

I saw an article on the Internets that said that Piers Morgan was leaving his show on CNN. That brings up some questions.

First, what's CNN? Are they still around?

Next, isn't Piers Morgan the guy from The Apprentice?

Who gave him a TV show on something that pretends to be a news network?

Did Frank J's recent absence from IMAO mean that he's behind the sacking of Piers Morgan?

If anyone knows the answer to these questions, well, it's okay. You don't have to leave the answers here. It just means you know more about CNN than whoever is running things there now.

But, this apparently means that CNN has an opening. So, who should take the job? Not who will, because that will, in all likelihood be some foreigner, or some left-wing idiot. Or, they'll rehire Piers Morgan and get two-for-one.

So, again, who should get the job at CNN?


  1. Obama's Aunt Zeituni or Patootie or whatever her name is. No one watches anyway.
    CNN is just reshuffling the deck chairs.
    Larry King Live - from a nursing home in Florida!

  2. Wendy Davis could host a show called "Flip/Flop", a game show where guests can guess her real stand on issues and what parts of her past are simply made up. Charlie Crist and Chris Christie could guest host.

    Michelle Obama could host a show where she yells at fat kids until they cry.

    Alan Grayson could host a show where he props up nonsensical signs and tries to explain his moonbat theories with a straight face.

  3. Bucky Katt! you mean the Cat News Network or that other CNN that nobody watches?

  4. In Piers Morgans case the term "Free Press" refers to how much Americans are wiling to pay to hear what he has to say.

  5. Was Piers a Captain?

  6. No, but I wouldn't be surprised of was a fan of rum, sodomy, and the lash.

  7. How about Stewart Varney. He has the same accent but has a whole different approach to American freedom and capitalism.

  8. Wait, Piers Morgan was for real and not just FrnakJ without his hat?

    Geez, all this time I figured FrnakJ was writing his hilarious rants and everybody was in on the joke.

    Not sure if that makes it funnier or not, but watching everybody say his ratings were low because we didn't understand his brilliance is even funnier.

  9. ...CNN??? is that on the Dumont Network?

  10. ...if they give the spot to Alec Baldwin his viewership would DOUBLE - from 2 to 4 viewers.

  11. CNN -- is that pronounced

    "Seein' None"


    "See An End"?

  12. I vote for an hour of cute cat videos.

  13. I'd say hire some hot babe like Fox does but that wouldn't work for the typical CNN viewer.....well, maybe the girls.

  14. Need eye bleach....need eye bleach...


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