Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Viewing Michael Sam: the difference between the Right and the Left

Here's how conservatives see Michael Sam:

Football player for the SEC East champs.

Now, here's how liberals see Michael Sam:


And that is the difference between conservatives and liberals.


  1. Now, here’s how liberals see Michael Sam:Black African American homosexual
    2 for 1! So if you say anything bad about him, you're a racist AND a 'homophobe'

  2. That's right. He's black. I didn't notice. I just saw a football player. My bad, I suppose.

  3. And THIS conservative notices that he's going to either miss the tackle, or get it via illegal grabbing of the facemask. Either way - not helping his team.

    Also, why did the gay ad guys lighten up his skin so much in that picture?

    Now THAT'S racist.

  4. I really have to object to that ad. I mean if they wanted us to share an image of Mike why didn't they give us one where he's walking around shirtless and all oiled up and looking buff?

    Give a guy a break instead of making us go to googles, 'kay?

    Oh, I don't think they lightened his skin so much as used a jaypeggie of Mike after he got an exfoliation.

    At least they aren't using a picture of Samuel L. Jackson or Lawrence Fishburne.

  5. i'm just sick of hearing about him. i don't care who does what to who in the backyard for how much.

    i just don't want to have it rubbed in my face.

  6. jw:
    Everyone says a person's sexuality is a private matter. These are the same ones who make a news story about it. They see a homosexual, and tell us to not see a homosexual. I see a football player.

  7. I find it interesting that the leftie site describes him as a superstar. I have yet to see a draft projection that shows him going any higher than the third round.

  8. Iowa Jim:

    3rd round? That's still higher than the last two Heisman winners from Florida State (not counting Rapist Winston).

  9. Michael is a superstar because he shines so brightly as an icon of the community in the bold way he owns his identity. Great skin too. Definitiely will make me take more of an interest in fall sports.

  10. Well if he's good at getting guys in the "sack"...

  11. The guy looks happy enough. Was there this big rush of depression in the SEC that he had to be picked to be the poster boy for positive college ballplayers? I don't get what the big deal is. Or is that an ad for mood pills?

    Couple of Anacin and a Pabst after a game would put me right.

  12. Lance, I know...so dreamy and so bold. Talk about a backfield in motion.

  13. I don't understand. Does his footballing somehow affect his homosexuality; or his homosexualiting affect his football? Why is he even bringing this up?

    "I'm gay."
    "Ooooo...k.... what does that have to do with football?"

    (Also, let's face it - "gay" is so passe these days. Nobody cares anymore. If he really wants to get his name out there, he should go with "transgender.")

  14. "If he really wants to get his name out there, he should go with “transgender" "

    Uh...I think Bruce Jenner is looking to make that leap.

  15. No he didn't! Tell ME that that pumpkin headed Aiken took my name in vain and just like some other cracka is mistaking me for Michael Sam?!?

    I could see some ofay confusing that brotha with Will Smith or James Lesure or some other younger brotha, but Will Smith I AIN'T!!! And not in my wildest, most doped out of my dome days did I EVER chase down any man meat! I don't roll like that!

    You Whiteys have got to start seeng a brotha! Lemme break it down, Dennis Haysbert was the brotha on 24 makin' Sutherland look really short and is now pimpin' insurance in commercials. Lawrence Fishburne was on CSI, got his Matrix on, and pimped cars in a Super Bowl commercial. Morgan Freeman did Electric Company, Shawshank and a bunch of other righteous stuff, I even think he might have played God-which isn't too much of a stretch for the man, deep as he is.

    Oh, and Whiteys, none of us are currently looking to get drafted into the NFL out of the SEC, dig? We're ON SCREEN brothas, NOT sports franchise brothas!

    We ain't Godfrey Cambridge, Richard Pryor, Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy either.

    Get it right, pumpkin head!

  16. Whichever idiot wrote this post missed a few very important facts.

    1) Sam played for MISSOURI. That guy you have up there is a cock. I'm not being crude, that's a South Carolina gamecock.

    2) South Carolina did not win the SEC. Auburn did.

  17. Politicaldan :

    You mean that top picture with number 52 that has "MIZZOU" on his jersey, where he's playing defense against USC? That the picture you got a problem with?

    And where I called SEC East champ Missouri the SEC East champs? That's the other thing you got a problem with?

    You were dropped on your head as a child, right?

  18. Politticaldan might be one of those who only see things on the left.

  19. He's alright. Just having one of those days when I saw his "idiot" and raised him a "brain injury."

  20. It's not who he plays for, it's what he plays with.....ewwww

  21. "It’s not who he plays for, it’s what he plays with."

    No, butchie 'bama, it's also who he plays with.

    And where.

    Backfield in serious motion.

  22. Mikie plays defense? Oopsies.

    I just thought he was handing his phone number to that cute guy with the ball and getting c-blocked by his wingman with that rugged dom tat on his arm.

    Dang it, that's what I get from my mom sending me to piano lessons instead of letting me try out for the field hockey squad.

  23. @ 12

    Dick, it's not an ad for anti-depression meds. Those aren't two mood tablets on that blue background. It's not about happiness exactly. It has to do with a differnt kind of "gay". You know, like with that one towelboy at Lambeau who used to like to stare at the players as they were exiting the showers.

  24. Why does he look like he is about to break out and cry in that second picture? Is he sad about something?

  25. @25 - I was thinking he looked like he was about to slip into a onesie, pour himself a cup of hot chocolate, and start talking about Obamacare.

  26. I thought he looked like he was just asked about the Lingerie Bowl, and was about to say:

    "Hated It!"


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