Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pick the kids up about half past Jon Pertwee

I have a cheap watch. I have some expensive ones, too, but on a normal day, I wear a cheap watch. One of those throwaways you can pick up from Walmart for around the same price as a cheap watch band. I did the math one time, and realized that if something happened to a nice watch on a normal day, I'd be out a boatload of bucks, and for that same money, I could buy a shipload of cheap Walmart watches. So, when the battery runs down or the band breaks or I just get tired of it, I toss it and buy a new, cheap Walmart watch. And I save the expensive watch for occasions where I want to wear a nice watch.

What all that has to do with anything is because I have found a kinda expensive watch (any watch over $100 is kinda expensive) that's pretty cool, but one that I don't think I'll be getting. Because it's not something I'd wear when I'm going somewhere that a nice watch would be appropriate. And I wouldn't wear it for every day.

The Pebble Watch runs around $150. And up. And, a lot of you are familiar with it, whether you have one or not. But, if you're not, it's a smart watch. Runs its own operating system, but can work with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. And, I suppose that's cool and all, but I'm not ready for a smart watch.

But, if I was...

I'd get The 12 Doctors. It's a customization for the Pebble Watch that offers the face of The Doctor as an indicator of the time. At 1:00, you get the face of William Hartnell. At 2:00, you see Patrick Troughton. At 3:00, Jon Pertwee. At 4:00, Tom Baker. And so on. It even takes into account John Hurt, according to Cnet.

Yeah, that's kinda geeky cool. And I may end up getting one. Need to finish watching all the episodes of Doctor Who first, so I can understand what John Hurt has to do with anything. Maybe later this year. If I find that I have more dollars than sense.

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  1. Does that mean a new bathroom euphemism when you go to drop the kids off at the Paul?


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