Monday, June 8, 2009

The 28th Amendment

Being a conservative, I don't like tinkering with the Constitution. There have been suggestions for Amendments protecting the Flag, or defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

I have been opposed to those Amendments. Not that I disagree with the intent of them, but I think there are ways of handling those issues without changing the Constitution.

However, there is one issue for which I would support an Amendment. In fact, let me propose it now:

Section 1. No bill shall be presented for vote before either House without being read aloud in full before the entire House.

Section 2. No member of either House shall vote on any bill without having been present for the full and complete reading of the Bill.

Would such an Amendment pass Congress?

Probably not. This would force Congress to accept responsibility for their actions. They hate that. But 2/3 of the states could compel Congress to call a convention for proposing Amendments, as outlined in Article Five.

Would such an Amendment work?

I think so. It would create shorter bills, for one thing. And fewer bills.

What's the downside?


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