Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-06-29

Things on my mind recently...

  • Gale Storm (My Little Margie) died I know, you kids don't know who she is. Heck, I barely remember her. But I do. #

  • I wonder why the girl running the register at Quiznos is wearing a Viva Mexico shirt instead of a Quiznos shirt. Laundry day? #

  • Quiznos spends money printing up posters saying what comes on a torpedo. Then the clowns making them do whatever they feel like. Quiznos sux #

  • No wheelchair access to Quiznos in downtown Columbus. If you're need handicap access, you're SOL. #

  • Tell the truth: Did anyone really expect Sotomayor's decision to be upheld? #tcot #

  • So what's the latest justification for the Sotomayor appointment? That she's a great judge with poor judgment? #tcot #

  • Of course Obama objects to Manuel Zelaya's ouster Obama was opposed to Saddam Hussein's ouster. #tcot #

  • Big Cat at Ladonia (W of Phenix City) has gas for 2.159/gallon. Folks is lined up. #

  • Obama sides with fellow socialists Chavez, Castro regarding Honduras He also opposed removing Saddam Hussein. #tcot #

  • Report: Grieving Jackson Fans 'Commit Suicide' Cleaning out the gene pool #

  • Thank goodness Obama isn't "meddling" in Honduran affairs #tcot #

  • Now Obama wants to control your lights Your lamps are bright, and your president isn't. #tcot #

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