Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-06-24

Things on my mind recently...

  • Remember when Perez Hilton was gay, and not totally gay? Me, neither. #

  • SC Gov Sanford records a song: "Don't Lie For Me, Argentina" #

  • Just because Sanford was in Argentina doesn't mean he wasn't hiking naked. They do that in Argentina. At least, I do. #

  • Monkey pees on president of Zambia We have found the perfect gift for Obama #tcot #

  • So, was Sanford in Argentina, or in Angie and Tina? #

  • Obama ends "hot dog diplomacy" with Iran. He's still a weenie regarding Iran. #tcot #

  • Thanks, Mark Sanford. Now, I'll never get the Wife to let me fly down to Argentina for the weekend! #tcot #

  • What I find interesting is that Sanford couldn't find any women in SC he'd like to screw around with. #tcot #

  • So, will the people of SC tell Sanford to do what he said he was going to do: take a hike? #tcot #

  • Okay, it's official. Columbus needs more jackass parking. Too many jackasses are driving when they should be parked. #

  • Sitting in the River Center in Columbus, waiting for the Miss Georgia pageant (first of four nights) to start. #

  • Some of the Miss GA judges did pace their hand over their heart during the National Anthem. Probably Obama voters. #

  • Some of the Miss GA judges did NOT place their hand over their heart during the National Anthem. Probably Obama voters. #tcot #

  • Miss Columbus Teen sings in Miss GA pageant #

  • I've never seen "Amazing Grace" performed as a dance/baton/gymnastics routine before. Until now. #MissGA #

  • What the hell is a "Fergie," why does she bugger up classic songs, and why to teens listen to her? #MissGA #

  • Frau Blucher #MissGA #

  • Seriously, the violinst was great #MissGA #

  • Hill Street Blues theme for background music during questions. I'm waiting on LaRue and Mayo to ask them. #MissGA #

  • Teens are done for the night. #MissGA #

  • Berlusconi in a sex scandal? I thought if an Italian politician didn't have a girlfriend, they issued him one #

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