Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-06-11

Things on my mind recently...

  • Letterman meant the joke to be about the older Palin girl. Which shows he doesn't know what he's talking about. #tcot #

  • Didn't the left criticize Bush for not having an Iraq exit strategy? What's Obama's exit strategy for GM and the banks? #tcot #

  • Who opposes Obama's health care plan? Other than doctors? #tcot #

  • If Letterman made a joke like that about my daughter, he wouldn't need to worry about me. She's kick his ass. #tcot #

  • Scott Ott: "...a raped 14-year-old is a tragedy, but five years older and she’s comedy gold!" #tcot #

  • CIA thinks Bin Laden is in Pakistan Has a message for him from Obama: You have the right to remain silent #tcot #

  • "On to Miss Georgia" sendoff event for my neice (Miss Columbus Teen) and the other area girls is about to start. #

  • Never saw any GM cars with Obama bumper stickers in Columbus (GA) during the election. Lots of foreign cars, though. #tcot #

  • Recently snapped picture #

  • Recently snapped picture #

  • Evening Gown #

  • Misses Southern Rivers, Columbus Teen, Southern Rivers Teen, Columbus #

  • Misses Columbus, Columbus Teen, Southern Rivers Teen, Southern Rivers. In robes. #

  • Finished "send-off" for niece (Miss Columbus Teen) to the Miss Georgia pageant. Which will be held a mile down the road. #

  • Chastity Bono to become a man. Perhaps, one day, Barack Obama will become one, too. #tcot #

  • Dr. King's niece takes LeRoy Carhart to task for comparing Tiller's death to King's murder #tcot #

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