Monday, June 1, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-06-01

Things on my mind recently...

  • The 2 worst things about going into work early because of problems at work are going in early and the problems. Other than that, it's fine. #

  • Some Gitmo prisoners to get laptops Part of Obama's No Terrorist Left Behind program. #tcot #

  • Hurricane season begins today And I was thinking it was either wabbit season or duck season. #

  • So, the guy who's running the government's GM learned to drive by playing Super Mario Kart? He's 31 #tcot #

  • Abandoned baby found in box on roadside Maybe it's just a late-term abortion gone wrong #tcot #

  • Scott Roeder, 51, charged with performing late-term abortion on George Tiller, 67 #tcot #

  • Looking for a lunch spot at Hooterville that has wifi. Or a BlackBerry-compatible Website with the New Moon trailer for Wife. #

  • Ah. The crew at Wendy's at Hooterville. One dozen people who cannot multi-task or think ahead. #

  • Geithner tells ChiComs that dollar assets are safe Offers to sell them Brooklyn Bridge #

  • Twitter's phychic experiment Next, Twitter card tricks. Pick a card. Tweet it; I won't look. Then I'll tell your card. #

  • Retired principal suspended From what? #

  • Should we really blame Obama for all this silly spending? Doesn't, constitutionally, the Congress control spending? #tcot #

  • PRNK set to launch missile capable of hitting Alaska It appears it's up to Sarah Palin to kick Kim Jong-il's ass. #tcot #

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