Monday, June 8, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-06-08

Things on my mind recently...

  • I wonder if they make cars out of carbon? That'd piss off Al Gore. #tcot #

  • If this is a Muslim nation, why aren't Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama each wearing a burqa? #

  • If this is a Muslim nation, why hasn't Barney Frank been stoned? #tcot #

  • If Wife keeps buying all these teen vampire books, Amazon's going to start recommending Jonas Brothers CDs soon. #

  • All cars should have two horns: one that blares at traffic, and another pointed at the horn-blower's ear. #

  • Don't you just hate days where other people leave their brains off. #

  • Praise breakfast all you want, but lunch is the most important meal between 12:00 and 1:00 PM #

  • If SCOTUS qualifications are a life experience unlike the typical White male plus knowledge of law, then Charles Manson qualifies #tcot #

  • Sotomayor stumbles, breaks ankle at LaGuardia. She's been stumbling over her past statements for weeks #tcot #

  • GA Supreme Court strikes down state's left-turn law If we could only stop the country's turn to the left #tcot #

  • Obama said unemployment might reach 8% if stimulus wasn't passed. I believe him. It passed, and is 9.4% and rising #tcot #

  • Memphis Burger Kings diss global warming I'm thinking about going to Memphis, just to eat at the BK there #tcot #

  • Proposed Amendment: No member of either House may vote on any bill if not present for a full and complete reading of the bill. #tcot #

  • Harry Reid shows that the longer you're a Democrat, the stupider you get #tcot #

  • Cat wants to stay inside tonight. She's on the coffee table, having thrown the remote on the floor. It was where she wanted to lay. *sigh* #

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