Friday, June 26, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-06-26

Things on my mind recently...

  • I haven't seen this much Greta since the last blond girl disappeared #tcot #

  • Got a call from the help desk at work. They wanted to know if Michael Jackson's death would impact our clients. #

  • Okay, I'll be exclusively on the TiVo for the next week. Let's see, Cold Case, Burn Notice, Royal Pains ... I'm good. #MichaelJackson #

  • I sure am glad I sprung for the expanded hard drive for the TiVo. I'll be able to watch something other than Michael Jackson now. #

  • The cat is meowing loudly and scratching at the front door. She must be upset over the news about Michael Jackson #MichaelJackson #

  • I just heard about Michael Jackson. Anybody know if any of the news channels have the story? #MichaelJackson #

  • PRNK promises a "fire shower" of nuclear attacks. They're probably just upset over the news about Michael Jackson #

  • 11 killed. dozens wounded in Baghdad market bombing. Bomber probably just upset over the news about Michael Jackson #

  • CBS: Will Congress Read Bills Before Voting? Time for the 28th Amendment #

  • Supreme Court rejects school strip search Now we know what killed Michael Jackson #

  • Top Iranian legislative body declares election fair Whew! We won't have that distraction from the Michael Jackson coverage #

  • U.S. senators closer to $1 trillion healthcare bill If only they had passed it in time to save Michael Jackson #

  • Is Major League Baseball going to cancel any games over the news about Michael Jackson? #

  • In relation to coverage vs importance, which was more out of balance: Michael Jackson or Heath Ledger coverage? #

  • Do you think the news about Michael Jackson will cause the president to start smoking again? #

  • When Iranians find out about Michael Jackson's death, they'll really hit the streets! #

  • Hamas leader rejects Israel offer If only Michael Jackson was still with us, he could solve this crisis #tcot #

  • Okay, my last word (for a bit) about the Michael Jackson coverage: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough #

  • Squirrel ran out in front of the truck. Wife had to slow down to the speed limit to avoid hitting it. #

  • I keep hearing people say "don't speak ill of the dead." So no more Hitler comments! Got it?! #

  • Death seems to have done wonders for Michael Jackson's career. Maybe he should have tried it earlier. #

  • Drudge has moved Michael Jackson from the main headline?!!?! What is yor problem, Matt Drudge? #

  • C'mon, Obama! Make a statement about Michael Jackson! He doesn't have nukes. Don't be afraid! #tcot #

  • Apparently Michael Jackson died of acting like Elvis. #

  • Farrah Fawcett died & went to Heaven. God granted her one wish. She asked for all children to be safe. Then Michael Jackson died. #WifeJokes #

  • Pageant is running late. The head of Miss America pageant came on-stage and told Bette Davis stories. Really. #MissGA #

  • David Williams just sang Eyes Wide Open dressed as Michael Jackson (Off The Wall era) #MissGA #

  • When they started off tonight's pageant with Bette Davis stories, I thought "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night" #MissGA #

  • On the way home, we passed a pickup truck towing a trailer that was wrapped in Saran Wrap or something. At least his cargo will be fresh. #

  • Cable is out. Neighbors just dropped cable for Dish Network. I suspect they turned off wrong service. They've done this before. Jackasses. #

  • Section 8 (Bono Mack, Castle, Kirk, Lance, Lobiondo, McHugh, Reichart, Chris Smith) #tcot #

  • Thief uses pepper spray to steal hamburger Beware! The Hamburgler is on the loose! #

  • Those that make fun of Obama should know that he puts his panties on one leg at a time. #tcot #

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